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I am glad that you are interested in reading about me.

This page is specially created for the people like you who love Pro SEO Guides and want to see who manages this great blog.

Ok, My name is Fahad Mirza and I am from Pakistan.

I have a working experience of more than two years and I am sharing my experience of these two years at PRO SEO GUIDES.

I have worked on my other blogs with many experts and gathered much information.

At the present time I have worked more than 50 blogs and websites and now I am also working as a freelancer writer.

How I started Blogging?

I started blogging in 2014, not by attention by a mistake.

I just used to spend my 1-2 hours on Facebook. One day someone hacked my Facebook account. Yes, it was hacked. I wonder that how can someone hack my Facebook account. Then I started searching Google “How To Hack Facebook Account” I opened many sites but no one was helpful.

I also wonder how these sites appear on Google and who manages these sites.

I searched Google “How to create a website” and then I reached on Wix.com there I created a free web page. I was very glad to create my very first web page but unfortunately, that was not a professional web page. Then I come to know about Blogger.com by Muhammad Niaz there I learned to create a free blog on Blogger and also get some good results.

On my first blog on Blogger, I started writing about technology after that I create one more blog on Blogger and started writing about Blogger and SEO.

This (Pro SEO Guides) is my third blog and I am fully passionate about blogging now.

What are my Aims?

My main aim on blogging is not earning money although I want to earn money but the main aim is helping others.

I am writing detailed guides on SEO so that these guides can help others.

I take more than 2 days (8 hours) in just learning the same topic which I will post on my site after getting complete information about the selected topic I start writing articles and then publish it on PRO SEO GUIDES.

What do I expect from my readers?
I just expect that my readers love to read my guides and my guides really help them.


If you want to know something more about me or have any questions then you can contact me using follow information.

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[email protected]

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+92 337 6203702

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